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Home of the straight-tailed Elhew-bred English Pointer

If you're looking for a gun dog that hunts for you and not you for him, then check out my Elhew bred English Pointers. After having raised and trained gun dogs for over 25 years, I can say that these dogs have what it takes to be the ultimate in a hunting companion. They will ensure your game bag is filled to it's limit every day you go hunting if the game is available.

Good puppies are no accident. Careful selection of brood matrons is crucial to our breeding program. All matrons are selected with the intent that they pass on their characteristics to their puppies. They are chosen with confirmation, style, nose, birdiness, biddability, and personality in mind. All brood matrons are completely finished gun dogs so that we may ensure they possess the characteristics we expect them to pass on to their puppies. The dam attributes 60% + to the characteristics of their pups.

If you want or need a started or finished dog, we have available, at most times, several out of our proven brood matrons. Price range of started dogs is based on availability, extensiveness of training, nose and style. The average price on started dogs begins at $1500 . Since training is finished once it is begun, seldom do we have "check cord, or green broke dogs. Most dogs that I consider "started" are those that are totally broke on their game, whoa and back, handle to whistle and voice commands...and may or may not retrieve based on their natural ability to do so. I do not usually force break dogs to retrieve until their second year of hunting.
Price range of finished dogs - $2500 and UP. Price is dependent on training, experience, and style.

Yellow Rose Kennel is located on the Texas - Oklahoma border. We're 65 miles northeast of Dallas, Texas.
 If your ever in our area, we'd love to have you stop by and see our dogs.
 We're very proud of them and are always striving to produce quality gentleman's gun dogs.