These are some of our dogs currently  for sale.  All pointers are Elhew bred.  




Jed is a year old.  He is pointing his birds, been shot over, and collar conditioned.  His range is close and he is beginning to retrieve. $2000




Babe is 11 months old.  She is pointing birds, handling in the field, and collar conditioned.  Birds being shot over her.  She is starting to retrieve.  Her range is medium.  $2250.



                                                                                            Jimmie (F) and Mack (M)


Jimmie and Mack are littermate sister and brother to Babe.  They are both wider range than Babe, who is strictly a foot dog, and either will handle from medium foot range to UTV range.  They are collar conditioned, handling well, and have had birds shot over them.





 John is 18 months old.  He is holding his birds, collar conditioned, and whoa broke, and retrieving..  His range is medium.